Redskins Select WR Trey Quinn as Mr. Irrelevant

The Washington Redskins picked one wide receiver in the 2018 NFL Draft and they made it count with the selection of Trey Quinn, out of Southern Methodist, who becomes Mr. Irrelevant XLIII as the final pick (No. 256) of the draft.

Quinn, as Mr. Irrelevant will be celebrated, roasted and toasted during Irrelevant Week events held in Newport Beach, Calif. Irrelevant Week was launched in 1976 by NFL alumnus Paul Salata, a Newport Beach resident. Irrelevant... [more]


Atlanta Falcons Win Irrelevant Triple Crown

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – What may not be as prestigious as the Triple Crown, but possibly more difficult to achieve, the Atlanta Falcons have hit the Irrelevant Trifecta, Hat Trick, Triple Play.


Here’s how their stars have aligned.  This is the first time that Mr. Irrelevant will be selected by the Atlanta Falcons, first time Mr. Irrelevant’s team city will be hosting the Super Bowl, and the first time Mr. Irrelevant’s team will begin their season... [more]


Irrelevant Week 2017, Dates and Times

Thursday, June 29th 2017

TOUCHDOWN CELEBRATION 8:30pm @ John Wayne Airport (SNA) Welcome Chad to CA upon arrival at Terminal B

Friday, June 30th 2017

GIDDY UP AND GO 7am @ GritCycle Come spin with Mr. Irrelevant XLII Reserve your bike online!

LOWSMAN TROPHY BANQUET AND ROAST Celebrating "Successful Underdogs" Balboa Bay Resort, 6:30pm 1221 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Irrelevent Week founder Paul Salata, celebrities, and NFL players team up to roast and toast Mr. Irrelevant

Saturday,... [more]


The Fraternity of Mr. Irrelevant


Last in the N.F.L. Draft, but Getting More Relevant All the Time


Broncos make Chad Kelly Mr. Irrelevant XLII

Steve Virgen
Sports Editor, The Daily Pilot

Broncos make Chad Kelly Mr. Irrelevant XLII

The Denver Broncos made their first Mr. Irrelevant pick an intriguing one as they selected Mississippi quarterback Chad Kelly to close out the 2017 NFL Draft.

Kelly, a quarterback with great potential, was picked No. 253, the last selection of the draft and became Mr. Irrelevant XLII. He will be celebrated during the annual Irrelevant Week in Southern California,... [more]


Who Will Mr. Irrelevant be in the City of Brotherly Love?

CEO Melanie Fitch and family explore the pre-draft landmarks. The 2017 NFL Draft will be completely outdoors this year in Philadelphia. The Draft has been absent here for the last 56 years!


From First to Last: CEO Melanie Fitch joins NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell!

Before the picks were in, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Irrelevant Week CEO Melanie Fitch kicked off the first NFL Draft in Philadelphia since 1961!


'Mr. Irrelevant': Tennessee Titans take CB Kalan Reed


Mr. Irrelevant XLI Kalan Reed’s dream comes true

When Kalan Reed was a kid, he lived in Nashville, Tenn., where his favorite NFL team became the Tennessee Titans and he never stopped loving them.

Now, as a 22-year-old, he loves them even more. The Titans selected Reed with the final pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, No. 253, making him Mr. Irrelevant XLI.

“I couldn’t be more excited,” said Reed, a 5-foot-11, 198-pound corner back who ran the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds in a... [more]


Irrelevant Week festivities begin June 3rd

Mr. Irrelevant's June 3-6, 2016 excursion will include an all-expenses paid trip to Newport Beach, where he'll be lauded and praised as if he was the draft's No. 1 pick.

While the Los Angeles Rams at No.1 tab a quarterback to successfully facilitate their return to Southern California, the Titans will have a player being asked to survive Irrelevant Week. 

We're not sure which challenge is more daunting.

We established Irrelevant Week to drive home an important message... [more]


Minneapolis native was NFL's last pick. Now, he's 'Mr. Relevant'


A short history of the NFL's Mr. Irrelevant


Mr. Irrelevant Spotlight: David Vobora, 2008

From last pick to starter, linebacker to rehab, painkillers to Performance Vault, David Vobora has experienced it all. But it isn’t his accomplishments and his failures that wrote his story, it’s what happened between those times that shaped his life.

Vobora was the last pick in the 2008 NFL draft. The St. Louis Rams invited him to join their team. At that point, he had his mind set on one thing, one... [more]


8 Questions with Paul Salata, Founder

Paul Salata has seen Irrelevant Week grow from just a funny idea in his mind to a weeklong production that has been one of the great events in the Southern California sports world for decades. 

After 38 years, Paul has a lot to say about Irrelevant Week. But this is a blog post, not a memoir, so we asked him to focus on just eight questions.

Whose idea was all of... [more]


Insights: The Relevance of Mr. Irrelevant


2015 Irrelevant Week Toasts Mr. Irrelevant Gerald Christian

Irrelevant Week 2015 for Mr. Irrelevant XL Gerald Christian and his family was anything but irrelevant. The week was packed with fun, events, and stories that will last a lifetime.

This year marked the 40th anniversary of Irrelevant Week, making the welcoming party one for the books. Scuba divers emerged out of the water with a Mr. Irrelevant sign, while the man of the week was escorted from a boat... [more]


Mayor Proclaims This Week as Irrelevant Week

Gerald Christian, University of Louisville tight end who was selected as this year’s final NFL draft pick by the Arizona Cardinals is Mr. Irrelevant 2015


Photos: A Very Relevant Weekend For Mr. Irrelevant XL

While Irrelevant Week doesn’t kick off until Tuesday, July 7, Mr. Irrelevant 2015 got a preview when he participated in the 22nd Annual Balboa Island Parade on Sunday, June 7. Gerald Christian, one of the NFL’s newest stars (as tight end for the Arizona Cardinals) and this year’s 40th Annual “Mr. Irrelevant,” was featured in this fun-filled event for all ages.

The parade brings together families and the... [more]


10 Questions With Mr. Irrelevant XL Gerald Christian

Gerald Christian of the University of Louisville was the overall final pick of the 2015 NFL draft, a selection that earned him the “honor” of being named Mr. Irrelevant 2015. Christian, the Arizona Cardinal’s tight end, is the 40th Mr. Irrelevant. The award dates back to 1976 and was created by former NFL player Paul Salata.

Mr. Irrelevant celebrations for 2015 will run from July 7-12 in Newport Beach, California. During... [more]



Irrelevant Week to Celebrate Gerald Christian’s Perseverance and The Foundation for the Undefeated’s Partnership with Special Olympics Southern California from July 7-12, 2015 in Newport Beach, California

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (May 5, 2015) – University of Louisville tight end Gerald Christian got more than he bargained for at this year’s NFL Draft. After being selected as the final draft pick by the Arizona Cardinals, Christian soon learned that he was the recipient of... [more]


Arizona Cardinals – Mr. Irrelevant 2015

The final pick in the NFL’s 2015 Annual Draft has been awarded to the Arizona Cardinals. The draft is set to be held in Chicago, Illinois from April 30 to May 2, 2015. Being the last pick in the NFL Draft is actually an honor, because that player earns the distinction of being named ‘Mr. Irrelevant,’ and is an honored participant in one of the NFL’s greatest traditions.

Mr. Irrelevant is the... [more]


A Star Spangled Event

A huge crowd lined the streets as The Foundation for the Undefeated kicked off the celebration for the 39th year of Mr. Irrelevant at the Balboa Island Parade. The theme for this year’s parade was “Star Spangled Islands”. 

Paul Salata (the founder of Irrelevant Week) was in attendance and in great spirits, even though he has been on “injured reserve” recovering from hip surgery. He sported the Mr. Irrelevant jersey... [more]


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