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Irrelevant Week festivities begin June 3rd

Mr. Irrelevant's June 3-6, 2016 excursion will include an all-expenses paid trip to Newport Beach, where he'll be lauded and praised as if he was the draft's No. 1 pick.

While the Los Angeles Rams at No.1 tab a quarterback to successfully facilitate their return to Southern California, the Titans will have a player being asked to survive Irrelevant Week. 

We're not sure which challenge is more daunting.

We established Irrelevant Week to drive home an important message – that it’s not a negative to be picked last in the NFL Draft; rather, it’s an honor to be drafted at all,” Salata said. “The last draft pick’s demonstration of perseverance is lesson that resonates not only with NFL players and fans, but also with people everywhere.”

Once Mr. Irrelevant reaches Newport Beach from June 3-6, he'll be treated to a welcoming party, participate in a regatta, be featured on NFL Network, be a part of the infield grounds keeping at an Angels or Dodgers game and then be bombarded by gifts and favors at the Irrelevant Week Lowsman Banquet, which is among this beachside community's social highlights of the year. 

Friday, June 3, it's at the star-studded banquet that NFL luminaries, past and present, rally around the honoree and present him with the Lowsman Trophy Award.

The Lowsman Trophy Award is a prized piece of hardware, which is a stunning addition to any athlete's mantle (even if the player portrayed is dropping the football instead of being a stiff-armed player like that of the Heisman Award).

Lowsman Award, Heisman Award -- see the contrast?

Are we going to fast for you?

Probably not and we welcome any stories or mention of Mr. Irrelevant in your NFL draft coverage.

While crowning someone Mr. Irrelevant is a way to do something nice for someone for absolutely no reason, know this: the Irrelevant Week shenanigans have raised more than $1 million for the likes of the American Cancer Society, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, the YMCA and Special Olympics. So while the excitement builds for Thursday's No.1 pick, set your sights on Saturday's selection at No. 253. Before the NFL Draft is complete and just prior to a custodian taking the stage to sweep up, a new Mr. Irrelevant will be revealed.  Let the party begin.

Attend the Banquet

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